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  1. I’m working on a biography of Scottish international Ron Yeats, who played for LA Skyhawks (1976) and Santa Barbara Condors (1977). If anyone can direct me to a source of stats, match reports and/or pictures of the Skyhawks or the Condors while Yeats was there, I’d much appreciate it.


    John Kennedy


    • Hi John,

      I’ll have a look into it and see if i can dig up any stuff about it. Newspaper archives are good – only problem with L.A. is that the L.A. Times archive is behind a paywall which is prohibitively expensive.

      The ASL wasn’t the best covered league, as there aren’t any sites that give match stats etc. Sometimes it’s best just to stick names of players who played for those teams into google (you can get rosters from Wikipedia). A lot of the players went into coaching at unis etc and generally have e-mail addresses online that you can find through a simple search.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Hi Ian

    Thanks for the response. I have the roster for the 1976 LA Skyhawks and have managed to track one of them, Tony Whelan, to Manchester United, where he’s a junior soccer coach. Not sure he’ll be able to help much with stats, but he might have anecdotal stuff I can use. I had no success looking for email addresses

    I can’t find anything at all for the 1977 Santa Barbara Condors, except they only managed twelve matches (with a record of 4-4-4), before they folded.

    Anything you can find for me, Ian, would be much appreciated. For the record, I’m in Liverpool and an avid supporter of the Reds. I spent six months in Vancouver up to February this year, so I also have a soft spot for the Whitecaps.



  3. To monkfromhavana

    Hi Ian

    Did you have any luck with information on the ASL, the Skyhawks or the Condors?



  4. Hello Ian,

    I wished I had found this site earlier. Our Archives include photographs of nearly every player in the ASL / APSL from 1989 to 1991. Many of these overlap into MLS and the US National Team.

    Please let me know if e can be of service.

    International Soccer Archives

    • Hi Chuck, thanks for reading and responding. I haven’t written a lot on this blog for a while now, but i intend to start writing some more pieces in the near future. Hopefully i’ll be writing some player biographies as well, so any help you could provide (photo’s/stats/general info) would be brilliant. I’ve bookmarked your site and will give it a good read.



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